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Doing business honestly with a view to the future: as a family business, that is our most important goal. We take good care of each other and prefer to build a close and long-term relationship with employees, customers and suppliers. Innovative, committed and reliable. Since 1952.

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Our team is deliberately kept small, but our network spans far and wide. As a result, we’re able to offer you a personal approach, we keep the lines of communication short and we always work with specialists to arrive at the best possible solution for you. Our knowledge is up-to-date and our advice is reliable. The scope of our expertise enables us to work quickly and efficiently. And because our services and products merge seamlessly, our advice really delivers on the promise we make you.

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Cleaner, more efficient, safer. That’s what it’s all about at Limburg Filter. We offer smart, reliable solutions for clarifying liquids. To close the water cycles responsibly and to purify residual flows. Within this proven technology, we opt for a transparent and innovative approach. Saving costs with our solutions, while making the process safer and minimising the impact on the environment.



Filtration with filter presses is essentially a sustainable technique. The energy consumption involved is relatively low and the separation between liquid and solids is very effective. And a good filter press is practically indestructible. In order to make the technology even more environmentally friendly, we’re working together with TNO, among others, on the development of valuable substances from sewage sludge. In addition, it is our ambition to produce new filter plates from discarded filter materials.


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