Establishment: Maastricht | Number of employees: 200 |

DCL Corporation

High quality pigment

The Canadian DCL Corporation is a manufacturer of high-quality pigments. Through chemical reactions of, for example, metals, they make pigment, such as a pigment with a bright yellow colour. The pigments that DCL makes can be found in all kinds of products: from ink to plastic to car coatings. This means that DCL has been a customer of Limburg Filter for years. DCL recently opened a completely new factory in Maastricht. A dark blue pigment is manufactured there.

In the recently opened factory buildings brand new equipment for mixing raw materials have been installed. We are part of the process with a full membrane filter press. This produces a dry filter cake which is the final pigment. Residual salts will be washed out from the cake to make it ready for downstream processing. The cake is then pressed with membranes. With the help of our filter, an important part of the process has been accomplished successfully.