Location: Roggel en Neuss (DE) | Number of employees: 650 (2020) |


Food safety of the highest level

The reception area is full of drinks. Fruit juices, soft drinks, liqueur. With famous and exotic names. Welcome to Döhler, a European leader in the field of fruit juice concentrates. From the factory in Roggel, thousands of products find their way all over the world. Limburg Filter helps the company to filter quickly and hygienically.

Döhler is part of the DöhlerGroup, active in 130 countries. A world-class player that sets the highest standards for food safety and quality. Not surprising, because the products that Döhler makes are in every supermarket. We are proud that the company also relies on our quality.

For Döhler it is important that the filtration process is not only 100% hygienic, but also that the filter cloths are easy to change. Employees must be able to clean the filter plates quickly and thoroughly. Based on the advice given by Limburg Filter, following an extensive test phase, the company therefore opted for Leaktite: our leak-free mounting system.

Membraan doeken

The shape of the filter plate groove for cloth mounting was our biggest challenge. In contrast to the most common type of CGR filter plates, it has no less than 12 corners, as opposed to 8. The sewn cloths that were used first showed great craftsmanship, but were difficult to assemble. With Leaktite that is a thing of the past. The Leaktite filter cloths are faster and easier to change and ensure a more hygienic result.

In addition to Roggel, Limburg Filter also supplies rubber membranes and filter cloths for the Neuss (DE) site.