Establishment: Dordrecht (NL) | Number of employees: 150 (2023) |

HVC Group

Cleaner, safer and more efficient

The HVC Group’s waste-to-energy plant in Dordrecht converts residual waste into heat and energy. A residual product is created during incineration. This sludge must be dewatered so that a minimum of waste remains. After years, the company was ready for a new filter press that would make this work cleaner, safer and more efficient.

HVC Group had been using a filter press for years. However, this caused a number of problems. The filter cloths had to be replaced every year: a dirty job and also a significant expense, because sludge dewatering has to be suspended during maintenance. In addition, the filter press suffered from so-called ‘blow outs’: leaks in which the black sludge sprayed through between the filter cloths. That was not only dirty, but also dangerous given the type of waste.

At the invitation of director Emile Bruschinski of ESEP Environmental Technology, we jointly submitted a tender for the supply of a new filter press. We opted for a better quality filter cloth with our patented Leaktite system: a combination of filter plates with filter cloths that can be replaced easily and quickly. The cloth itself is better suited for this type of sludge than the one used before. And its gasketed design protects the filter cloth better against damage.

HVC Group has now been using the new filter press for three years. The filter press works leak-free. This means there is less wear and tear and the working environment is cleaner and therefore safer. Emptying the filter press is fully automatic, so the new filter press no longer is labour intensive. Moreover, three years after installation, the first filter cloths are still in good condition: a huge profit for HVC Group and a proof of our product quality.