Establishment: Budel | Number of employees: 4.100 (2020) |

Nyrstar Budel

Proven effective in heavy conditions

For more than 20 years, Limburg Filter has been a familiar face at Nyrstar Budel, market leader in the production of zinc and lead. The company also has a strong and growing position in other metals. Filtration is an incredibly important part of the process: the factory cannot run without filters. Our collaboration with Nyrstar is therefore intensive, based on a partnership that spans more than two decades.

The production of zinc and other heavy metals is a complex process. Filter cloths, plates and presses have to withstand harsh industrial conditions: high temperatures, large quantities and extremely acidic and alkaline slurries. Due to the high safety standards at Nyrstar, human intervention is kept to a minimum.

To prove that the solutions we come up with really work, we decided last year, together with Nyrstar, to step up the separation process in one of the last challenges. One of those steps is filtration, but we also apply other techniques.

With close involvement from Nyrstar, we designed and built a pilot plant and trained a number of employees to operate the plant safely. It has now been proven that the setup works. Once the test phase has been fully completed, Nyrstar Budel intends to use the results to scale up an industrial filter installation.