Our services and products merge seamlessly. This guarantees that the advice we provide actually delivers on the promise we make to our customers. We call that innovation with impact. This ensure that we save costs, make the process safer and minimise the impact on the environment.

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Filter presses

Our filter presses are the innovative application of a proven technology. For more than 170 years, the filter press has been the technology used to separate solids from liquids. An effective and energy-efficient solution for clearing liquids. We also organise the surrounding process in the best possible way: only then does the filter press come into its own.

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Limburg Filter focuses closely on preliminary research. Before we even get started with the filter press itself, we look at how the slurry can best be conditioned. If necessary, we test the proposed solution in our laboratory or in a mobile test installation. Clear and fair: you can see the results yourself.

The benefits of Limburg Filter

  • Optimal process
  • Thorough knowledge
  • Design and installation
  • Quick delivery
  • Affordable
  • European quality
  • Great aftercare

Filterpers Limburg Filter

Filter plates

Is it important to be able to easily clean plates and cloths, or should there be as little human intervention as possible? Does it involve tough industrial conditions or food safety? Limburg Filter has the right filter plate for every scenario. We cooperate with the main suppliers of filter plates worldwide, for both chamber and membrane filter plates.

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We choose exactly the right filter plate for your process. Not only due to our extensive knowledge in the field of filtration, but mainly because we conduct thorough research first. We listen to you. We hear the question behind the question. And we make it 100% clear for you which type of filter plate is best suited to your situation. Honest and transparent.

Filter cloths

There are many different types of filter cloths. Choosing the right filter cloth that does exactly what you want and optimises your filtration process therefore requires knowledge and experience. Limburg Filter is an expert in the field of filtration. We supply filter cloths for every filter press and every liquid. From ceramic sludge to tea, from palm oil to chemicals.

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We have insight into the entire process. We would be happy to discuss this with you. What are your preferences? What are the most important factors to you? Why do you think your current filter cloth is no longer adequate? If you wish, we will drive our mobile test installation and try it out on-site. We keep working until you get exactly what you want. Within reason and the realms of possibility, of course. Because if we can’t do it, we will of course tell you. That way you know exactly what to expect from us.

Filterdoeken blauw


Our own invention: a leak-proof fastening system that saves time and money, and also vastly increases safety and hygiene. Leaktite® is a combination of filter plates with filter cloths that you can replace easily and quickly. The plates can be used on a wide spectrum of filtration requirements and are also recyclable.


Sometimes extra steps are needed to ensure that the filtration process can run smoothly, for example by adding extra substances to the slurry. Limburg Filter knows exactly which agent is most effective in which process. From diatomaceous earth to activated carbon, we choose the right means to turn cloudy slurry into a filterable liquid.

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Filter aids

We prefer to work with natural products. Diatomaceous earth, a powder made from dead diatom, acts as a sponge to trap the remains of yeast, fibre and proteins. The agent is widely used by brewers and winegrowers because of the clear results. We also supply other filter aids, such as perlite and cellulose, in various qualities.

Coagulant aids

In processes in which natural remedies fail to deliver or provide insufficient results, we choose chemical coagulants that ensure the aggregation of minuscule suspended particles. Here, too, we determine which product is most effective for you.

Filter accessories

From pumps and instrumentation to spatulas to discharge the filter cake: at Limburg Filter you will find everything you need to ensure that the filtration process runs smoothly from start to finish. Here too, we’re happy to help you make the right choice, in consultation with our extensive network of experts.