Every issue requires a custom-made solution. As experts in the field of filtration, we first make a thorough assessment of the customer’s situation. We look at the problem behind the question, identify opportunities and together think about how things can be made cleaner, more efficient and safer. Whether you simply need a new cloth or a completely new filter press. We are driven by innovation and 30 years of knowledge and experience.

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Whatever goal you have in mind: we can optimise the filtration process. To this end, we look broadly. Not only at the filter press itself, but also the process around it. Should the slurry be mixed first? Is it important to be able to easily clean plates and cloths, or should there be as little human intervention as possible? Does it involve tough industrial conditions or food safety?

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Whatever the challenge may be, we come up with a solution that works. If necessary, we call on our extensive network which includes the most diverse set of experts, from agitator to pump specialists. Naturally, we are involved in the entire process surrounding the installation, from design to implementation. And if we think that a different filter technique is more suited to your preferences, we will say so.


We take care of the design of your filter installation in-house. You can see exactly which choices we propose and how the filtering process will ultimately work. Fluid dynamics, pipework and instrumentation: we make sure everything is mapped out clearly, in terms of isometry as well as layout and plot plan.

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If necessary, we also call on our network during this phase to quickly arrive at an optimal design. The design is often followed by a test phase. This can be from laboratory to industrial scale: if the situation requires it, we build a complete mobile installation to test the design.


We rely on external suppliers for the construction of our products. We are not tied to specific partners. This allows us to choose the best solution for every situation: the best press, the best plates, the best fabric. We have control panels and software made locally, so that – also in terms of language – they are completely customised according to your use.


A new filter press can be built at your company. We also increasingly work with sea containers in which the entire press is assembled, complete with pumps, control system and whatever else is needed. Often no building permit is required for installation: a quick and inexpensive solution. If the pipework at your company is connected to the installation, all you need to do is plug it in.

“The strength of Limburg Filter is in problem-solving. Reliable, accessible and flexible”
Martin van Nuus, Utilities Specialist at Heineken Den Bosch